It’s been four weeks since I landed back in LA. I had to deal with reverse culture shock, getting back to my daily routine and jet lag 🙁 This semester I am taking 16 units, working and on top of that focusing on fitness + bodybuilding. I didn’t share this for a while because I was afraid … Continue Reading

Want to be Successful? Stick to a Schedule!

Do you ever find yourself late to class? Snoozing in? Or procrastinating and spending more time on something that should have taken half of the time? 😛 We have all been there. Back in High School, my teachers kept praising and talking about “time management” but seldom did they explain how to manage time and maximize productivity. This is … Continue Reading

#SUCCESS: Tips to Stay Motivated and Accomplish Anything.

I heard this once and I will never forget this phrase “Motivation is fleeting.” If you think about it, how many times have you wanted to give up? And during those times how hard it is to think of WHY you started in the first place. I myself, have had so many moments of frustration … Continue Reading